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Financial Aid: How can I tell if I have turned in all of my paperwork?

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There are several ways to check. The first place would be in your MyShasta Account under MY FORMS. Once your FAFSA is received your MY FORMS link will tell you if you need to submit any documents to the Financial Aid Office. Once you submit the documents needed, all forms should then say "RECEIVED" and are waiting to be processed by a Financial Aid Technician. Once reviewed by a technician, there may be additional documents requests. You will receive an email notification if this is the case. If not, all documents should say "PROCESSED" and you will receive an email notification that you have been fully processed and to view your "AWARD LETTER". Your AWARD LETTER will reflect any grants that have been awarded. Throughout the year, if a change is made on your FAFSA by the Department of Education or yourself, this could prompt additional documents needed and will hold up any future disbursements until the documents are received and processed. 

Tip: Always keep an up to date email on file with Shasta College, check your email consistently and your MyShasta Account for updates regarding your financial aid status.